B2B Content services

Our content services focus on creating customer-centric content to help businesses achieve their marketing and sales goals, such as building brand awareness, driving traffic, and generating leads and social media followers. More than 60 per cent of B2B buyers say they engage with at least three, and often up to seven, different pieces of content from a potential vendor before engaging with sales. 

Our content writing services cover the complete sales value chain from top-of-funnel articles, such as blog posts that create brand awareness, and increase search engine visibility, to middle funnel articles, such as case studies, whitepapers to bottom-of-funnel content focused on enabling sales conversions.

White Papers / Thought Leadership / eBooks 

The majority of B2B buyers prefer long-form content. Whitepapers and thought leadership (TL) articles are long-form content that provides a strategic perspective on a subject of importance to the target audience.

They incorporate unique data points, tables, graphs and industry insights. It demonstrates the brand’s in-depth knowledge and establishes credibility with the audience for further engagement.

We first create an outline and after receiving approval we will thoroughly research the topic, surveying existing data, and analysis from trusted sources, which also involves discussions with clients’ internal subject matter experts. We then write a first draft, at which point all edits and feedback will be incorporated into the white paper.

Blog Posts

Blogs are a good way to introduce prospects to the brand. Top-of-funnel content that helps increase the number of relevant keywords your site ranks for.

We write optimized articles that helps to meet the information needs of the prospects and gain good visibility on search engine results page.

Landing pages

The services includes writing content for home, about and services pages. They should have distinct calls to action, include the SEO keywords and be somewhere in the range of 250-450 words long (depending on the design of the site).

The purpose of landing pages is to convert browsers to leads and subsequently buyers, and having amazing content can make a huge difference in your conversion rates.

Case Studies

The service involves writing content for webpages incorporating relevant keywords. The web pages content is usually 250-450 words and integrates well into the information architecture of the website.

We offer a mix of strategy and execution with strong abilities in digital content to facilitate lead generation and new customer acquisition.

We act as an extension of the company marketing team while helping to save the cost of a full-time in-house resource with engagement on need basis.

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