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Hi I am Manish. I help businesses grow revenue and enhance brand value with Content and SEO.

I have written 2,54,739 words for 65 technology companies across the globe.



B2B Content Services

Our content services focus on creating customer-centric content to help businesses achieve their marketing and sales goals,

White Papers / Thought Leadership / eBooks

Whitepapers and thought leadership (TL) articles are long-form content that provides a strategic perspective.

Case Studies

We write optimized articles that helps to meet the information needs of the prospects and gain good visibility on search engine results page.


Generative AI in B2B Marketing

The increasing data volume and technology advancements have led to the increased adoption........

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We are happy to rate you 4.5 out of 5. Good work overall even though some slight changes were required. Thanks

Marketing Head HR Tech Platform based in UK

A very good quality piece of writing. Please keep up the high standard. many fewer proof-reading adjustments from me this time.

Content Marketing Head Cloud Technology Company

Appreciate your continued efforts outside of the scope!

Growth Marketing Head Employee Engagement Platform

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