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About Us

I had always been curious about business, technology, and entrepreneurship, but lack of confidence and self-belief held me back. After a lot of trepidations, I took the first step in entrepreneurship with a skill development program for IT services marketing and sales. Though the program didn’t take off as expected but I published a book titled “Zero to 150” based on the program contents.

The first failure taught many lessons and I moved to my next initiative on subscription based digital marketing services for consumer businesses. The pilot with an ayurveda centre was a success and as things were beginning to look up then the pandemic struck.

I shifted my focus to content with the launch of my blog “Techdhan”. I started writing content for B2B (business-to-business) companies and have since published delivered 152 content pieces with amazing 2,54,739 words.

I have helped clients grow with authentic content that resonates with their customers at all stages of their purchase journey. After encouraging results from content services, I have added SEO strategy and implementation services to help clients improve visibility in search engines and get qualified traffic.

The most important learning from my journey has been realization of the value of patience and persistence.  The journey continues with new learnings and experiences.

If you are a business or professional looking for inbound marketing tatics, you will find wealth of knowledge on Content, SEO and Marketing technologies.

If you are an individual looking for learning resources to help you build new competencies then you will find articles with practical insights.

I sincerely thank you for reading about my journey and convey my best wishes.

Manish Tiwari

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